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Our school aims for an inclusive intake, representative of the area it has been established to serve, which is the Middlesex side of Richmond Borough.  For more information, please see our Admissions Policy Context and Rationale.

September 2018 Admissions Info:

To help parents understand their chances of admission, this page provides Admissions Maps from previous years (see below right). 

Timetable for 2018 Intake

Thursday 1 March 2018
  • Online applicants will be sent an email from the Local Authority during the evening (National Offer Day) informing them of the result of their application.
  • Letters are posted first class giving detailed results of applications.
  • If your child did not qualify for a place at one or more of your higher preference schools, you will also be sent a letter by first class post with more information about the Waiting List process and what to do next.
Thursday 15 March 2018
  • Date by which parents must accept or decline their initial offer.
  • If you remain on the Waiting List for one or more higher preference schools, a wave of further offers are usually sent out approximately 2 - 3 weeks after this date.
  • As each round of offers results in parents giving up previously accepted offers, there is likely to be continuous Waiting List movement between March and September. You can find out your position on school Waiting Lists at any time by phoning the Local Authority Admissions Team.
  • If you are checking your position on the Waiting List for Turing House, please be aware that the Local Authority operates two Waiting Lists, one for Oversubscription Criteria 6a, and the other for 6b.  You can ask for your position on both lists.
Friday 20 April 2018
  • Closing date for receipt of appeals.
  • (Appeals are made through the LA Appeals team)
June 2018
  • Admission appeals are heard.
Monday 2 July 2018
  • Year 6 pupils visit their new secondary school.

Previous Years


If you are interested in a place for Year 7 please follow Richmond's Secondary School Admissions Process. You may also join our Mailing List to receive news and information about Open Events


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