Turing House

Admissions Policy Rationale

Turing House aims for an inclusive intake, representative of the area it has been established to serve, which is the Middlesex side of Richmond Borough.

If schools aren't oversubscribed then admissions criteria are irrelevant, as all children who apply will get a place. However, Turing House has been oversubscribed since it opened in 2015, and over-subscription criteria have been used to prioritise applicants in line with the national Schools Admissions Code.

We want the Turing House admission policy to be simple, so that local families understand their chances of getting a place. We have selected over-subscription criteria that are similar to those of other local secondary schools, except that distance is measured with reference to two locations; a geographical Admissions Point as well as to the school itself. We have also given priority to a small number of Founders' children. The sections below give more information about these differences.

Admissions Point

Our Local Need page describes the strong demand for co-educational community secondary places across the Middlesex side of Richmond Borough. 

Our Free School proposal made it clear that, if a site central to this area could not be found, then we would create an Admissions Point to act as the centre-of-gravity for our intake. This enables children who live furthest from other co-educational secondaries to have priority, whilst also giving access to families from a range of wards across the borough and beyond.

Turing House governors are committed to striking an appropriate balance when apportioning places between the Admissions Point and the planned permanent school site.  We will continue to monitor the inclusivity of our school to ensure that we are meeting this aim.  In doing so we will of course consider the timing of our move to the permanent site, and the relative size of our future intake (which has been temporarily restricted to a lower number at the Opening Site).

Please see our Admissions Policy page for details of how our Admissions Point is being used, and for maps of our intake to date. 

Founders' Children

Free schools are allowed to give priority to founders’ children in their Oversubscription Criteria, in recognition of the substantial amount of time and dedication they have volunteered to establish the school, and their ongoing commitment to its governance.  The Russell Education Trust has decided to include this criteria in the admissions policies from 2015 for all of its schools where the founding parents have pre-secondary aged children.

In the case of Turing House, the Secretary of State for Education granted Founders’ status to the parent members of the Steering Group

The impact on admissions is low.  The maximum number of places allocated in any given year will be 2 children within the school’s intake of 150.  If all of the founders’ children applied, the total number would be 8 within a capacity of 1050 students, and some or all of those 8 children would also qualify for entry under other criteria.

In-year applicants for our founding cohort will join our waiting list, and should apply here


If you are interested in a place for Year 7 please follow Richmond's Secondary School Admissions Process. You may also join our Mailing List to receive news and information about Open Events


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