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High expectations are fundamental to our school and this goes far beyond academic/examination performance and into all areas of school life. We will promote values of kindness, tolerance, justice, and forgiveness through our policies and procedures.

When parents choose to send their child to our school, they will know that we have a distinctive ethos and that we demand high standards of behaviour and attendance, with substantial parental involvement in all aspects of school life being seen as an important part of achieving the high standards we desire.

We aim to explore every avenue as an alternative to exclusion, both permanent and temporary, in the unlikely event that behaviour is unacceptable.

We intend to open dialogue with all feeder primary schools to give us an early insight into any behavioural and attendance problems that have been faced. This will enable us to plan accordingly and have discussions with other agencies who may be involved such as the Education and Welfare Service (EWS). For students who have emotional and behavioural difficulties, we will work with Educational Psychologists so that every teacher is aware of advised strategies and the child's behaviour is closely managed.

Our behaviour policy will implement the latest advice from the DfE on behaviour and discipline and will:

  • Promote good behaviour, self-discipline and respect in the context of our beliefs about the value of every individual.
  • Seek to prevent bullying.
  • Ensure that students complete assigned work and take responsibility for completion.
  • Foster exceptionally good conduct of students.
  • Ensure that teaching and learning are of the highest quality. There is a significant amount of research evidence which identifies that when teaching and learning are high calibre the students are engaged and motivated and inappropriate conduct is rare. This will be a fundamental principle of our approach to teaching and learning at our school.

Our policy will cover:

  • Rights and responsibilities of students and school staff
  • Clear expectations of student and staff behaviour and our need to care for one another
  • Recognition of good behaviour and of logical consequences of inappropriate behaviour
  • Working with parents to ensure the good behaviour of their children in school and in the surrounding community
  • Arrangements for regular monitoring and evaluation of the policy at school and governing body level.

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