Turing House


The establishment of Turing House in 2015 was a community driven initiative, in response to a strong local need for new secondary school places. We work with the Local Authority to ensure that we make a positive contribution to the local family of schools.

We believe that schools should be at the heart of their community.  When we move into our new permanent building, some Turing House facilities will be available for hire, for use by local clubs. 

We aim to be a first choice community school not just for parents and students, but also for those who work with us – including future staff, suppliers and external partners.

We encourage our students and staff to be involved in community-based activities as an integral part of their education at Turing House.  For example, in Teddington we developed a strong relationship with our local over-60's social hub at Elleray Hall, and our students attend the annual Remembrance ceremony at the war memorial next to the school.  Our students raise money for local charities through fundraising activities within school and in their own time. We work with the Local Authority and our community partners to identify real community needs that we can support, and which will develop the skills of our staff and students.

We engage with our local, national and global community through pupil participation and expect every pupil to engage in at least one community service area per year.

Our students actively participate in the Votes for Schools initiative, which encourages student voice.

In line with our vision for a community school, we seek to recruit locally and to use local suppliers where at all possible.

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