Turing House

Turing House Update - 1st December 2014

Dear Parents and Supporters,

The Education Funding Agency (EFA) has identified a good temporary site for Turing House that will enable the school to open in September 2015; and operate there for two or three years while construction of the school is completed on its permanent site. The acquisition of this temporary site is almost complete and agreement of the lease arrangements is in the final stages. We will announce further details as soon as we are able to (during the course of the consultation outlined below). We are very pleased with the site and the facilities that it will provide as well as its location, transport links, and proximity to playing fields.

We are pleased to report that the EFA is also working with council officers on securing the permanent site that was recently identified by the Local Authority. Negotiations about the acquisition of the site are progressing well and we will announce further details as soon as we are able to, even during the course of our consultation.

Due to the timing of the 2015 General Election, we are now launching our statutory consultation, which must be completed before our Funding Agreement with the Department for Education can be signed.  We recognise that we would ideally have more site detail in the public domain before doing this, but we hope that you understand that the timing is unavoidable if we are to secure the opening of Turing House before the election purdah period begins. In making her decision, the Secretary of State will not only take into account the consultation responses, but also the details of our site status and our progress towards opening the school, and will be advised on these matters by her officials.

Please support the opening of Turing House by responding to the consultation here.  Note that as well as consulting on the fundamental question of whether the school should be established at all, we are proposing some changes to the admissions policy for future years and would like to hear your feedback on these.  The admissions policy for 2015 is unaffected.

As usual, please do get in touch if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Colin Mackinlay

Turing House Headteacher


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