At Turing House there is a special focus on Music education. We believe that music can become a truly universal language throughout a school, increasing inclusion, confidence and self esteem.

In addition to our core music curriculum, we ensure all students have regular sustained opportunities to engage with music in the school, whether this is learning an instrument, taking part in individual or group performance opportunities, exploring music technology or managing music and arts projects. We aim to use music across the curriculum as an inspiring way to introduce new concepts and cultures to students. Music also features prominently in our extensive range of extra-curricular activities.

Students will have a wide range of performance and composing opportunities, encompassing a variety of musical genres, both within the school and in collaboration with Borough and other providers. We are building links with the music industry and London-based conservatoires through involvement in education projects and programmes. Wherever possible we draw on the expertise of professional musicians and offer the students opportunities to work with them.

Richmond borough has a rich local musical cultural heritage, and our aim is to celebrate and build on this to inspire and motivate our students. The skills learnt and fostered in music education benefit the whole school, enhancing concentration, focus, teamwork and well being.

Groups whose expertise we will draw upon include:

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