Turing House

Our Opening Site

Turing House Opening Site

In September 2015, Turing House opened in the building formerly known as Livingston House in Queens Road, Teddington.  The building and grounds have been suitably adapted for our use and further work is planned to provide additional facilities for our third year of operation. 

The building contractor is one we have worked with previously at Becket Keys in Brentwood. These builders have been excellent, ensuring the school opened on time and meeting all of our first year requirements to a high standard and with minimal disruption. 

We have classrooms, specialist rooms, a dining/assembly hall, medical room, offices, etc. There is external play space on site, and we use the facilities at Teddington Rugby Club, just inside Bushy Park, for outdoor PE and after school clubs. They have a dedicated building providing changing facilities, a clubhouse and they have three large pitches: one rugby, one cricket and one multi-purpose. It is great to have such fantastic facilities just a short safe walk away from the school.

We also made arrangements with Teddington Pool to have swimming as part of the curriculum in the Autumn Term.

We expect to occupy our Opening Site for at least 3 years, until we are ready to move into permanent accommodation. At 2212 square metres, the building provides more than adequate teaching space for that timeframe. 

Transport Links

Turing House is very well served by public transport. For more information please see our Travel Page.

Planning Considerations

Due process has been followed in adapting the site for educational use, and plans will be formally submitted to the Local Authority in due course.

Is it common for schools to open in temporary accommodation?

Yes, the compressed timescales for the free school process has meant that many schools have opened on temporary sites, and moved to their permanent home at a later date.  However, it is only allowed if the Government considers there to be a permanent site option with sufficient security to mitigate the risks of the temporary site being outgrown.

RET's first school, the Bristol Free school, and more recently Kings' School in Hove, both successfully opened in temporary acommodation, adapted to a high standard for school use.

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