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At Turing House School we have a very strong, committed Learning Support team who work hard to support students with overcoming barriers. The work of the Learning Support team focuses on improving academic progress and outcomes, as well as complementing the pastoral work done by PLUS in our support of social, emotional and mental health difficulties (SEMH).

The support teachers have great relationships with the students and this puts them in an ideal position to support them also with their SEMH. When the difficulties become significant and cause a long-term barrier to learning, then they are classed as a Special Educational Need. At that stage it may become appropriate for the students to be placed on the SEND register, particularly if we need to give consistent support to help the student overcome their difficulties.

Support is sometimes in the form of being a safe person to turn to, other times it is more structured provision, e.g. programmes recommended by our Educational Psychologist and other evidenced based interventions.

Examples of interventions and groups that we might draw on to support students:

*Lego therapy *Social thinking groups *Self-esteem groups *Emotional regulation support, e.g. Zones of Regulation *Anxiety management *Autism specific intervention, SCERTS *Exit cards and movement cards *Front of lunch passes *Safe place/person *Start or end of day check-ins

Our support team consists of the following structures, managed by the SLT and Headteacher

  • The school works closely with parents to ensure good pastoral care for students. Each student is known by name and the school ensures that their pastoral needs are known and catered for.
  • Turing House uses an electronic provision map to record, monitor and plan pastoral and SEN support. Pastoral support/intervention categories are regularly monitored and reviewed at the Support Team’s weekly meetings.
  • Another online system called Edukey is used to manage a track student welfare more generally.




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