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The school prioritises good pastoral care for students and views it as fundamental to the happiness and success of students. Whilst not a motto or mission statement all of our students should be happy, safe and learning.

Tutors will see their students daily and will play a central role in the academic success of every student, through their daily contact with their tutor group and within the cycle of personal target setting and review sessions. The school's pastoral system will be tightly linked to the academic monitoring systems; this will provide a robust and reliable approach to the individual tracking of students' achievements during their time at the school.

The school's tutorial programme will enable students to develop study skills, social responsibility and an awareness of their place in the community, both within school and beyond. Students will participate in all areas of school life, from leading briefings and assemblies, to running the School Council. Daily tutor time covers the following areas: administrative tasks, Votes for Schools, assembly & a current affairs quiz

Being a new school provides students with an opportunity not afforded to those in established institutions. This will mean that the students will help us shape the school from its physical environment to our extra-curricular programme. Student feedback will be a formal part of teachers' lesson planning, and reviews of the quality of our teaching and learning will directly involve the voices of the students.

Our support team consists of the following structures, managed by the SLT and Headteacher

Form tutors


Ms Kirwan

Ms McLoughlin

Ms Nicholls

Mrs Rodriguez


Mr Hatzidakis

Mrs Turner

Ms Andrews

Ms Davison

Ms Riglin


Mr Woodward

Ms Harman

Ms Johnson

Ms Parsons

Inclusion Team

Mrs Collins (DHT)

Mrs Winch (AHT and SENCO)

Mrs Gidlow

Mrs Goodall

Mrs Poynton

Ms Seddon

Ms da Silva (School nurse)

Year Leaders

Miss Jones – Year 8

Mr O’Sullivan (DHT) Year 9

Ms Nicholson (AHT) – Year 7



  • The school works closely with parents to ensure good pastoral care for students. Each student is known by name and the school ensures that their pastoral needs are known and catered for.
  • Turing House uses an electronic provision map to record, monitor and plan pastoral and SEN support. Pastoral support/intervention categories are regularly monitored and reviewed at the Support Team’s weekly meetings.
  • Another online system is used to manage a track student welfare more generally.

Social skills/early intervention work

The Inclusion team works with a range of external agencies to ensure students have the pastoral care they need; these include – Off the Record, CAMHs, Young Carers Project, EWS and Social Services. The school has access to educational psychologists through Richmond Borough’s Achieving for Children.

The pastoral team run a range of internal pastoral support groups through the academic year for students with a common identified need, e.g. self-esteem, friendship groups etc. They also offer individualised one-to-one support for specific students.

A variety of interventions have been put in place to support students with behavioural, emotional and social needs. The list below highlights the interventions:

  • 1 to 1 mentoring
  • Counselling
  • Lego therapy
  • Social thinking
  • Anger management
  • Anxiety management
  • Personal awareness (girls)
  • Personal awareness (boys)
  • Time out passes
  • Self esteem group

It will be the ambition of the school to secure outstanding attendance, not only during our formal curriculum but also in our wide range of after school and out-of-hours activities.

All students will be encouraged to participate in a programme of enrichment and extra-curricular activities.

In our short lifespan we have already gained the Bronze STARS Award and Bronze Healthy Schools

In-year applicants for our founding cohort will join our waiting list, and should apply here


If you are interested in a place for Year 7 please follow Richmond's Secondary School Admissions Process. You may also join our Mailing List to receive news and information about Open Events


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