Turing House

Questions about approval, consultation and opening:

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What information did you submit to the DfE in your proposal to establish Turing House?

You can download a copy of our Free school Application, submitted to the Department for Education in 2012, here.

What was the process and timescale for DfE approval and opening the school?

We submitted the proposal to the DfE in December 2012. Following intial screening, our group was interviewed in March, allowing the plans to be examined in greater depth.

During May 2013 the DfE announced which free schools they would be funding to progress to the pre-opening stage, for opening in 2014 and beyond. Turing House was approved as part of that group, so our plans to set up the school were then put into action with Government finance and support.  We initially planned to open in September 2014, but due to problems securing a site our opening date was deferred to September 2015.


How have you consulted with the Community?

The proposal to establish Turing House was community-driven, and could not have progressed without significant levels of support from local parents.  We have always welcomed comments and questions at any time via our contact details

The outcome of our formal free school opening consultation, which completed in January 2015, is described here.  

As with other local schools we consult on our Admissions Policy in line with the national School Admissions Code.  Consultations in relation to our school site will be conducted in accordance with local planning policy at the appropraite time.





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