Turing House

Turing House School Fund

Turing House is funded at the same level as other schools in the Local Authority, using the same funding formula. The only difference is that, like all new schools, we receive some additional start-up funding in the first three years, to enable us to employ enough subject specialists to cover the curriculum.

Most local secondary schools and many primary schools operate a school fund through voluntary donations from families. This allows them the flexibility to provide additional benefits to students beyond what can be provided from direct government funding.

We have therefore set up the Turing House School Fund so that we can provide some of those extras that we couldn’t otherwise afford. Some schools use these funds to directly subsidise the running costs of the school – this is definitely not what we are using the funds for!

Initially we are using the funds to sustain a wide range of extra-curricular activities for all students.

We have an extensive list of clubs and activities on offer to our founding cohorts. We couldn’t possibly provide all these with only our founding staff and, unlike some other schools, we do not wish to charge for some of the high quality sporting, musical and creative activities which we believe should be an entitlement for all.  We strongly encourage every one of our students to extend their education by taking part in these extra-curricular activities; removing any financial obstacle will help us achieve maximum participation. 

We are also using some of the funds to improve the school environment

We have a great refurbished building with new furniture and equipment provided by the DfE.. What the DfE allowance doesn’t extend to however are some of the enhancements that improve the environment for our students. The school fund helps us to improve the landscape outside the building where many children eat and socialise, and to provide plants and additional furnishings inside the school.

What do we ask parents to contribute?

We suggest £15 a month which is about half what some other borough secondary schools request, but if less (or more!) suits we are happy to receive any contribution that parents can afford and think is appropriate.

How to donate

Ideally we ask parents to give using our JustGiving webpage as we can claim GiftAid on most of the donations.

To donate just go to our page and select “Make a Monthly Donation”. Alternatively either complete the standing order form available on our website or just set up a regular payment from your bank using the sort code & account no on the standing order form. If you do this please give your payment the reference “THS School Fund”.

Donating through your employer

Many employers operate a matched giving scheme – a list of some of those we know about is here. Please do check with your own employer if they have such a scheme because we not only receive the GiftAid through that process but they top up the donation themselves, often doubling it!

Thank you very much for your support.


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