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Permanent Site Information

The Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) secured a permanent site for Turing House School on Hospital Bridge Road in Whitton. It is a large greenfield site with more than enough space for our new school and sports facilities. The move is expected to take place early in 2022. In the meantime, we continue to grow the school in high quality accommodation in Teddington & Hampton

Progress: Richmond's planning committee approved our site plans in July 2019 , and the London Mayor's approval was issued in December 2019. In April 2020 the S106 Agreement was finalised and signed, allowing the formal planning decision notice to be issued. The construction industry has been disrupted due to the Coronavirus pandemic but our main contractor, Bowmer & Kirkland, have worked hard to ensure measures are in place across all of their sites to adhere to latest Government guidelines. In September 2020 Richmond's planning department agreed that all the pre-commencement planning conditions had been met, giving the final green light for spades in the ground. The construction programme is expected to last around 60 weeks. 

For more information about the building plans, please see the information below: 

How was the permanent site decided?

Having considered all the options, the ESFA progressed the purchase of the Hospital Bridge Road site in consultation with Richmond and Hounslow Local Authorities. It is within reasonable distance of our nodal admissions point, and is large enough to accommodate not only a brand new school building and sports facilities but also outdoor playing fields, hard surface courts and recreation areas.

How were local residents consulted on the plans?

Our pre-planning consultation took place in July 2018 and the formal planning consultation took place between December 2018 and July 2019. For building site issues, residents can contact Bowmer & Kirkland via the email address in their Construction Newsletter.

 I have heard that 80% of Turing House students are from Teddington, is that true?

No, that is a misinterpretation of the admissions policy and isn't demonstrated by our admissions patterns which can be seen here:

Turing House was established to serve the Middlesex side of Richmond borough. Our admissions policy uses a nodal admissions point central to this area, on the Fulwell/Teddington border. This point is as far as it is possible to be from other local co-educational secondary schools, so is a fair and appropriate anchor to serve local need and minimises our impact on other schools. Eighty percent of our distance admissions are determined relative to this point, but they are distributed across several wards. Our Local Governing Body continuously monitors our admissions to ensure that our policy is serving local need and demand fairly and reasonably.

 Will students have long journeys to school?

Most secondary schools serve a geographically widespread area. Government data shows the average distance travelled by London secondary students is 3.1 miles.

Our nodal admissions point is 2.1 miles from Hospital Bridge Road and many of our families live closer than this, or along good bus routes, having taken journey times into account when selecting their admissions preferences. Our 2017 Student Travel Survey showed that average journey times would decrease when the school is permanently re-located.

Our nodal admissions point prioritises families that live furthest from other co-educational community schools who would have to travel comparable distances whichever school they attended. 

How will transport links be managed? 

Secondary school students usually travel independently.  Many of our students live within easy walking or cycling distance of the new site, and most others are likely to use public transport, as demonstrated by the Transport Assessment that was part of our formal planning process.

Hospital Bridge Road is served by several bus routes (481, H22, 110, 111). TfL will be modifying capacity on some of these routes to cope with changing patterns of demand when we re-locate.  The site is also 8 minutes’ walk from Whitton Station and a short, safe walk, scoot or cycle ride from West Twickenham via the A316 underpass or bridges.


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