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Year 7 Overview

Students focus on settling in. This explores relationships with their peers and adults they come into contact with. They work on friendships and self-esteem. Online safety is introduced. Students learn about looking after their bodies during puberty including managing personal hygiene and menstruation. The topic of Femal Genital Mutilation (FGM) is covered along with other forms of honour-based abuse and the law. Students look at healthy lifestyles, in particular what is healthy eating and how they can maintain this. Students will increase their knowledge of energy drinks and will be reminded of the importance of dental hygiene.


By the end of Y7 students will know what makes a good friend and a positive family. They will understand the unacceptability of bullying and know the school policy. They will have the ability to express emotions, empathise with others and know some ways to resolve potential arguments or conflicts they may have with friends.





Students will reflect on the different relationships they have and recognise why they are special to them. Students will understand the importance of different relationships and can appreciate that we all experience relationships in a unique and individual way. They will understand that relationships fluctuate and be able to consider ways in which they can influence a relationship/friendship.






During the year students develop their self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence. They learn to value their achievements and make the most of their abilities. Students develop respect for their own individuality and the diversity they see around them.



Puberty and Menstruation



By the end of Y7 students will understand the physical and emotional changes that take place at puberty affect boys and girls and that there is a range of physical development and emotional responses which are normal. They will have covered the biological aspects of menstruation, conception and reproduction and have a good understanding of how to look after their bodies during puberty including managing personal hygiene.



E-Safety and Child Sexual Exploitation

During Year 7 students develop high levels of e-safety understanding relating to the use of social networking sites such as Facebook, SnapChat and Instagram. Students will be aware of the “stranger danger” element of online safety and will understand online peer pressure and cyberbullying. Students will learn to recognise where pressure from others threatens their personal safety and well-being and to develop effective ways of resisting pressure, including when and how to get help.


Anti-bullying tool for Parents and Carers


Body confidence and self-esteem (for girls)


Puberty information


Menstruation information


Online safety advice


Think U Know


Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre


Keeping girls safe from FGM


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