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Year 8 Overview

Students focus on families and different family structures. This covers parents, separation, divorce and how to deal with it. It also includes domestic violence. Students explore growing up in particular looking at how puberty may affect them physically and emotionally. We continue with E-Safety with a focus on child sexual exploitation (CSE) so that students can recognise when pressure from others threatens their personal safety and wellbeing. Students learn about social media, body shaming, sexting and digital footprints. Personal safety is revisited along with consent.


Year 8 students will learn that there are a range of different family structures and some may change over time. They learn to recognise that major life events lead to a range of emotional reactions. They will explore the impact of separation and divorce on families and the need to adapt to changing circumstances. There will be a focus on the development of life skills including emotional resilience and empathy and the ability to ask for help and support when necessary.




Domestic Violence

Healthy relationships are revisited with a focus on domestic abuse. Students will understand that abuse in relationships is never acceptable. They will learn that anything that amounts to threatening, controlling, coercive, degrading or violent behaviour within a relationship is classed as abuse. Students will understand that both male and females can be victims of abuse, they will learn where to go for help and advice.




E-Safety/CSE/Predatory Behaviour

In Year 8 we introduce the concept of grooming and the awareness of predatory behaviour with particular reference to e-safety. The emphasis is on being “clued up” and making informed choices about what students share and how that might impact their future lives. Students will understand that adopting different roles and behaviours online can impact on their safety and have consequences on others. They learn about the dangers of meeting friends they have only met online, and the importance of keeping private information private. Students learn about digital footprints and social media.

There is a focus on “sexting”. Students understand the common reasons why young people send naked and/or sexualised photos, and learn about the risks and effects of sending/posting such images. They cover the law and offences associated to indecent images of children. Students revisit bullying and how to resist pressure from others to post images online.

“So you got naked online” leaflet


Growing Up/Adulthood

Students continue to develop their understanding of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and cope well with their changing bodies and feelings. Students discuss the responsibilities and emotions involved in moving from childhood to adulthood and the importance of learning from mistakes. Students cover the dangers of smoking and look more closely at legal and illegal drugs with an emphasis on the physical and emotional effects of drug abuse.



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