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Student Travel Survey 2017

The pie-chart below represents the results of a hands-up survey of all Turing House Students completed in the Autumn term of 2017.  Currently 15% of our students travel to school in private vehicles, which is comparable with the London average for secondary school travel. 

In line with our School Travel Policy we are working with our students and with TfL representatives to reduce barriers to active travel options such as walking, scooting and cycling. We are also keeping TfL informed of our future site plans so they can provide sufficient buses to cope with new patterns of demand as our school grows and re-locates.  The travel survey will be repeated periodically to enable us to track any changes.

Student Travel Autumn 2017


The following bar chart shows where our students are travelling from, by ward:

Where students travel from

Using Google Maps, every student at Turing House has conducted an analysis of their own travel options, both to the current site in Queens Road (QR), Teddington, and also to our planned permanent site in Hospital Bridge Road (HBR), Heathfield.  The results are shown in the graphs below and indicate that our students' average journey time is likely to decrease when the school is permanently re-located.

Students' Average Journey Times


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