Turing House

School Staff 2019/2020

Teaching Staff:

Mr M O’Sullivan Headteacher
Mrs E Collins Deputy Headteacher, English
Ms L Nicholson  Deputy Headteacher, PE
Mrs C Curtis Assistant Headteacher, Sixth Form
Mrs L Harper Assistant Headteacher, SENCO
Mr M Millar Assistant Headteacher, Maths
Mrs A Skinnard

Assistant Headteacher, Science

Mrs P Winch

Director of Music
Ms H Andrews English, Head of English
Ms C Kirwan English, KS3 English Coordinator & Literacy Lead
Ms E Dawson English, Head of Year 7
Ms L Freeman English
Mr G Stevens English
Mr J Winstanley Head of Maths
Ms E Nicholl Maths, Maths Coordinator
Mrs J Johal Maths
Ms D Olah Maths
Ms V Pownall Maths
Ms J Winstanley Maths
Mr H Jacks Head of Science
Mr D Hatzidakis Science, Chemistry Coordinator
Mr D Evans Science, Maths, Head of Year 8
Mr F Hall Science, Physics Coordinator
Dr J Ratliff Science
Ms H Loudain Science
Mrs N Graco Lead Computer Science
Mrs C Turner Head of Geography
Ms H Brennan Geography, Careers Leader
Ms S Atkinson Geography, Humanities
Mr B Tse-Laurence Geography
Ms G Jones Head of Business Studies & Economics
Ms M Riglin

Head of History, MAGT, Head of year 10

Mrs A Johnson (nee Gumpert) 

History, Law, Politics, Head of year 9

Mrs E Lamb

History, Humanities

Mrs B Kaur

Psychology, Sociology, Head of Sixth Form

Mr A Mirza

Religion & Philosophy

Ms M Harman Head of Languages, Spanish
Ms P Rodriguez Spanish
Ms M Shilton Spanish
Mr J Devlin Spanish
Ms B Aenlle Colado Spanish
Mr A Johns Head of Art and Design & Technology
Ms S Davison Art
Ms H MacDouall Art and Design & Technology
Mrs M Lomberg Design & Technology
Ms R Scott Lead Drama Teacher
Mr A Coombes Drama Teacher, Cover
Mr N Quigley Head of PE, Head of Year 11
Ms T Johnson PE, Lead PSHCE Teacher
Mr P Berrett PE

Support Staff:

Mrs A Chatir School Business Manager
Mrs M Woodcock Senior Administrator
Mrs K Duthaler Senior Leadership's PA and HR
Mrs D Smith Administration 
Mrs J Gillman Exams and Data Officer
Mrs E Tosi Finance Officer
Ms N Short Reception and Administration
Mrs A Michelson Reception and Administration
Mrs S Butler Medical Officer and Administration
Mr A Jones Premises Manager
Mr G Bamfo Caretaker
Mrs J Goodall Pastoral Practitioner
Mrs K Poynton Head of Inclusion
Mrs E McEwen Pastoral Practitioner
Ms S Molyneux Pastoral Assistant
Mrs E Fletcher Pastoral Assistant
Mrs B Minton Pastoral Assistant
Mrs Z Hunt SEN Practitioner
Mrs R Phillpot SEN Practitioner
Mrs U Qureshi SEN Practitioner
Mrs J Roohan SEN Practitioner
Ms A Velge SEN Practitioner
Ms L Jarvis SEN Practitioner
Mrs J Beard SEN Practitioner
Ms H Kerr Learning Support Assistant
Ms C Crocetti Learning Support Assistant
Mr R Aloysius Art & Technology Technician
Mrs J Dippie Science Technician
Ms G Miesi Science Technician
Mrs V Dixon-Kirk Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr S Broad ICT Engineer
Mr S Issit Head Chef
Ms J Fois Catering Assistant
Mrs F Harkat Catering Assistant
Ms S Fois Catering Assistant 
Ms S Warren Catering Manager
Ms S Wise Catering Assistant
Mrs E Boamah Catering Assistant
Ms A Maraj Catering Assistant


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