Uniform & Equipment

We have selected uniform which is smart, distinctive, stylish, environmentally friendly, affordable and of high quality so that it can be put through a washing machine on a regular basis without losing its shape or colour. Items with our school logo are readily available online and in store at:

Second hand uniform items donated to Turing House Friends are sold at occasional sales or via the following website:

Good standards of dress promote a positive attitude to work and behaviour and identify students to local residents and future employers. The co-operation of all parents/carers is requested to ensure students are in correct uniform to and from school, as well as during normal school hours, and in respecting that the school makes the final decision as to what is, or is not, acceptable in all aspects of a student's appearance.

We expect students and parents to apply common sense to any items that they might bring to school, and we publish a list of banned items


Compulsory (unless shown as optional).
* indicates branded items (with school logo or colours)


  1. *Blazer: Navy blue blazer with Turing House School badge on the pocket (fitted and straight-cut available).
  2. Shirt or Blouse: White, long or short sleeved, and always tucked in. Shirts must be stiff collared, top button done up, and worn with a Turing House School tie. Blouses must be revere collared and worn without a tie. 
  3. *Tie: Turing House striped tie, must be worn with shirt, must be long enough to reach the top of trousers.
  4. *Jumper (optional): Dark navy blue V-neck long sleeve with Turing House School logo.
  5. School trousers: Charcoal straight leg school trousers (not light grey or black).
  6. *Skirt (optional): Turing House checked pleated skirt (Balmoral St. Edmunds check BA116T), which must be worn no higher than 3cm above the knee.
  7. Socks: Plain charcoal, dark grey, navy or black.  Knee-high or ankle socks.
  8. Tights: When tights are worn with skirts, they should be opaque black or navy, without patterns.
  9. Shoes: Traditional flat, black polishable shoes – lace up shoes to have black laces. No sandals, heels, platform shoes or ballet pumps. No trainer style footwear.
  10. Headscarf (optional): Navy blue (optional).


  1. Coat (optional): Standard school style. No denim or leather. No extreme commercial logos. No hooded tops. Coats are not a replacement for blazers and should only be worn outside, not inside the buildings.
  2. *Rucksack: Turing House branded, numbered rucksack.
  3. *Sports Bag: Turing House branded sports bag. We highly recommend asking the supplier to print the students' initials on the bag.

PE Kit

  1. *Polo Shirt: Navy/sky blue Falcon Spirit sports polo with Turing House School logo.
  2. *Hoodie (optional): Navy/sky blue Falcon Spirit hooded top with Turing House School logo.
  3. Shorts: Navy/sky blue Falcon Spirit panelled shorts.
  4. Jogging Bottoms (optional): Navy/sky blue Falcon Encore Training Trouser. 
  5. Sport Leggings or upper-body Base layer (optional): Plain, navy or black, for extra warmth. To be worn under THS shorts or top.
  6. *Long-sleeved top (optional): Navy/sky blue Falcon reversible long-sleeved sports top with Turing House School logo.
  7. Socks: White ankle length for indoor sport and navy blue football socks.
  8. Shoes: White or black trainers with non-marking soles. Football boots or similar may be necessary for sport on grass fields.

Other specialist PE kit may be advised, e.g. shin pads, mouthguards and studded boots may be needed for some sports.

Hair, Jewellery and Make-up
  • Hair: Standard school style. Colour must be natural shade. No extremes in hair dye or style. Long hair (below the collar) should be tied back.  Any hairbands, clips or ribbons should be plain, neutral, black or navy.  If you are in any doubt about what is or isn’t acceptable, please discuss with the Headteacher.
  • Jewellery: Watch (optional. Smart watches are not permitted). Maximum of one plain silver or gold stud (of no more than 5mm diameter) per earlobe.  No rings, necklaces, chains or bracelets, including charity bands.  No other forms of body piercing.
  • Make-up: Discreet foundation is permitted. No nail varnish, lip stick, artificial nails, eye shadow, mascara or heavy black lines etc.

Students will need the following basic equipment each day:

  1. Blue/black pen.
  2. A spare pen (or spare cartridges if you have a fountain pen).
  3. Pencil case.
  4. 2 Pencils and a sharpener.
  5. Eraser.
  6. 30cm ruler.
  7. A pair of compasses.
  8. A protractor.
  9. A set of coloured pencils.
  10. A glue stick.
  11. Calculator: Casio FX-83GTCW or FX-85GTCW

All items of uniform should be clearly named. 

The School acknowledges that parents may from time-to-time request variations to the School’s dress code on grounds of religion or belief, race, disability, or other special considerations. Any such requests will be carefully considered on a case-by-case basis. The school may relax uniform requirements from time-to-time, for example in particularly hot weather.