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Craft Fair - Wednesday 5th December 2018
  1. Read the Stall Holder Booking Request Form available HERE for full details, prices and all you need to know about taking a stall at the fair. 
  2. Please download and email a completed form to craftfair@turinghouseschool.org.uk 
  3. On receipt, payment will be then be requested. NB:  if  there are too many duplicate products stall holders will be accepted on a first come first serve basis
  4. On receipt of payment we will confirm your booking.




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What is Turing House Friends?

THF supports the work of Turing House School by bringing the wider school community together through engaging, entertaining, informing and fund-raising.  You may be familiar with similar groups such as PTAs or PSAs.

Who are Turing House Friends?

THF is made up of parents, carers, students, teachers, staff, volunteers and invited members of the community.

As a registered charity THF is governed by elected officers. Currently these are a mix of parents with Yr7 & Yr8 children:

Andrea Dalton & Catherine StJohnSmith - Joint Chair

Becky Land and Gina Shoesmith - Joint Secretary

Anna Gregg- Treasurer.

The elected officers are supported by the wider THF community and we are delighted to see so many people contributing to the work of THF.

What has Turing House Friends been up to recently?

  • The Quiz and Curry night saw us raise £600 as over a dozen teams battled it out for glory.
  • There have been lots of  refreshments served for all the many schools events ranging from concerts, theatre shows and parent information evenings.
  • We have raised match funding, supporting the outstanding sporting feats of the Turing House teachers, for the purchasing of fitness equipment.
  • The ongoing hosting of a number of drinks evenings continue to prove very successful, thank you to everyone who has been coming along, it’s fantastic to see them so well attended and many new friendships being formed. 
  • The Turing House School Library is now stocked: Thanks to the entire school community and local businesses for all the very generous book gifts.
  • A packed house raised over £700 for the school as Elleray Hall transformed into a cabaret club for the Friends' Comedy Fundraiser. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and went along 

How to make sure you are informed?

To keep up to speed with all THF news and key dates follow us on twitter @TuringHsFriends and read the updates in the school newsletter.  We also have a mailing list for people who want to get more involved with THF.  Look out for details being circulated in school communications, or email us at thf@turinghouseschool.org.uk if you want to be added.

How to get involved?

  • The very best way is to just jump in, enjoy and support the initiatives we are delivering.
  • For those who would like a deeper engagement we have meetings every few weeks, so come along.
  • If you have any questions or suggestions about what we do or if you have any event and activity ideas please drop an email to Andrea THF Secretary at:  thf@turinghouseschool.org.uk 

Thank you,

THF elected committee

Andrea, Catherine, Becky, Gina and Anna


Contact us

Got a question/want to find out more?

Send an email to the Turing House Friends Secretary at thf@turinghouseschool.org.uk


Registered Charity Number 1165329

Constitution and Officers

Our full constitution is available here.

The elected officers for 2015/16 are:

Andrea Dalton & Catherine StJohnSmith Joint Chair
Anna Gregg Treasurer
Becky Land and Gina Shoesmith Joint Secretary

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