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Careers information and Guidance at Turing House

This programme centres on six attributes, skills or actions needed to achieve career goals and aspirations. The six areas can be nicely organised into the word ‘Career’:


Consider your interests, your strengths, and your skills;


Ambitious: The sky’s the limit.


Research what you need to get there (professional qualifications, degree, A level, GCSEs);


Enterprising: Creative about opportunities that could enhance your skills,


Excited: Passion for your dreams and reading around the subject are important.


Responsibility: Work hard, ask questions and discuss with anyone that will listen.

What we do

The aim of this programme is to provide all students with a range of opportunities to develop these areas, within and beyond the curriculum, and to ensure that staff, governors, families and the wider community are involved in securing high aspirations for each and every student. The Six Degrees programme will become an integral element of the THS curriculum, providing all students with the careers education, information, advice and guidance that they need to realise the most ambitious of aspirations. We do this through;

  • Assemblies
  • Key note speaker sessions
  • Enterprise and Enrichment days
  • An aspiration week
  • A focused tutorial programme dealing with these themes;

Year 7 – Growing up

Year 8 – Money, Money, Money

Year 9 – My Future

Year 10 – The World of Work

Year 11 – Choices, Choices

Year 12 – Where will I go?

Year 13 – The Final Push

Careers Resources

On a regular basis we run a careers session after school, in which we invite four members of our community to talk about their career and the journey that led them there. We also chose a soft, transferable skill as a focus of the evening. So far we have covered Team Work and Communication. We were delighted to have speakers in the following fields;


Session 1 Session 2*








English Cricket Board

Please click on the links to access the resources if you were not able to make our careers talks.*Presentations to follow shortly.

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Other Providers

Turing House welcomes the involvement of other education providers to enable our students to access the widest range of appropriate courses. Involvement of these other institutions is covered by our Provider Access Policy


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