Turing House

Student ICT

Students use ICT at Turing House in many lessons, in homework club and often for homework.

At School

Students login with their school network username and password. Passwords are set in their first ICT lesson in Year 7 and they can reset them at anytime from a school PC using CtrlAltDel. We encourage students to choose secure passwords and never to share them with each other. A good resource for choosing a password is at Dinopass (it's important they choose the strong password option)

At Home

Microsoft Office Software for Home Use

Students at Turing House have Microsoft accounts that entitle them to download and use the Office suite of products at home.

To download the software they should visit this URL: http://tinyurl.com/THS365downl... and login using their school email address and their school network password. Their email address consists of their school username @turinghouseschool.org.uk.

For example, Joe Bloggs whose Year 7 started in September 2016 will have a username of 16bloggs.j and an email address of 16bloggs.j@turinghouseschool.org.uk

Once logged in you will see a screen which can be used to install the software.

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